by Simon Weber

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released June 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Simon Weber Hobart, Australia

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Track Name: Bone To Pick
Show me around, I'll try to track my attentions.
And I'll politely comment on everyday things.
Like how the sun goes down, and I'll just sit here for hours
And watch my shadow curl back
Until I appear.

Don't you know that wolfish grin?
Don't you know this wolfish grin?


This will be one of many things you can believe,
And this will be the movie reel to what they scribe.
They've coloured out of their lines.
We're caught between the motions the actors will unwind.

Now what?
They're unrefined and old-hat...
Track Name: Small Time Melodrama
A deadbeat's pride; prize for the uncontending priest,
Or every part-time procrastinator.
You can only breathe.
You've got three more days.
Just three more days.

They found a photo of your family in your breast pocket,
but only pictures of yourself, that you had taken on your cell-phone.

And you'll find some way to start this story over,
but everybody already knows you,
they already know you around here.

I brought you this bottle, how did it end up back at home?
I never realised my sleeping virtues
Until you talked to me about your flaws.
I can feel them waiting for extraction.
If you listen closely you can hear the hours;
They're sharpening their calls.

You'll find some way to start this story over,
But everybody already knows you.
They already know you around here.
Track Name: Wernicke
Though you burnt up in the atmosphere
We're so thrilled you could join us.
Seen and heard, I guess it was speaking to me.
Who else was even there?

Now I see a life in competition to this
All admiration and wonder.
It was seen and heard so I guess it was speaking to us.
Who else was even there?
Track Name: The Carrington Event
Stare at your feet, at the shadow walking past you.
The devil is everywhere down there,
But he might yet be your friend,
Or worse still he mightn't realise you're there.
He's a great volunteer,
he's just outlived his cause,
or confused it with the darkness we've come to adore.

Your brain couldn't care for your happiness,
It keeps suggesting that you lie down.
And it won't be coming around
To see you before you go.

All of the gifts that we've brought to this wedding,
why do they feel like an aftermath?
A cheap trick when the doomsday is looming
In the photo over bride and groom.

They'd better get on the property market
Incase they come crashing to earth.
The perfect disguise and last minute eternities;
Select who you'd like to trap in.
Down here it stays dark;
We can hide from coronal masses
When the Carrington Event comes back.
I'll try to stay calm with the particles upon us.
Do you mind if I borrow your car?

Your brain couldn't care for your happiness.
Maybe happiness is where you went wrong.
Track Name: Tacit Agreement
I'm only trying to converse until I've admired someone.
No charm or thirst in talking;
in only burns the earth.
If he imagined the whole night ending
You'd see whole days coming over,
And as the new light draws it's line
He'll be over the other side
With no need to answer or fill the time
with senses instead of minds.
It's not what we're for.

Until my comfort feels profane
I'll check my pulse, I will try again.
Until it is over.

And the words will carry on repeating.
They will lie if they want to lie.
It's their right after all;
it's what they were for.


But we will carry on repeating,
As though it's what we were for.

Until my comfort feels profane
I'll check my pulse, I will try again.
Until it is over.
Track Name: Company
I'll try to be company
But the look on his face says
"Loneliness is..."
Loneliness is...

I saw your split seconds
Come hurtling through the light.
His dead face will tell you
That age is just an animal,
because you don't have a soul.

And loneliness is inherent.
It won't be gone until you are.
And who is it you'll talk to,
your friends and lovers have been missing from the start.